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RAF Compulsory Drug Testing

Redefining the way policy is presented


RAF Compulsory Drug Testing team



Type of Work


Visual identity

The Royal Air Force takes a zero tolerance approach to drug misuse. Drugs affect the fitness of service people and have a negative effect on operational effectiveness.


I immersed myself in the world of the RAF Compulsory Drug Testing team: the drug-testing programme, what they test for (not only recreational drugs), and the policy documents that are very dry and rarely read (until it’s too late!). Talks on drugs by senior officers are not much better. And their videos are even worse.


I designed an educational campaign that included a sports supplements message focused around the biggest sporting event of 2021: the Olympics and the Paralympics; a prescribed medicines message on medicine bottles and prescriptions; and this recreational drugs message that turned the usual senior officer lecture on its head.


Turn. It. Up.

'Hello Tokyo' was the campaign to educate and inform RAF personnel about the risks of taking banned substances with their sports supplements. Bold Japanese graphics were used to create standout and connect those elite athletes in Tokyo with us mere mortals.


If you like the look of this, get in touch.

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